August 3, 2020

Australian digital inmate services delivered: Core Systems partnering with Serco & NEC, delivering ‘Pathway’ to inmates in Clarence Correctional Centre

Core Systems has partnered with Serco, the John Holland Group (JHG), and NEC to provide digital services to inmates at the Clarence Correctional Centre in NSW, Australia access to innovative self-service technology to support rehabilitation using the ‘Pathway’ solution.

Clarence Correctional Centre is now the largest and most advanced correctional centre operating in Australia with a capacity of 1700 inmates. This facility has transformed from a green field site to the state-of-the-art facility spanning over 90,000 square feet in under 3 years. The centre was delivered by the NSW Government in partnership with the Northern Pathways Consortium and the first intake of inmates arrived on the 1st of July.

“The new inmate self-service software, ‘Pathway’, implemented in Clarence Correctional Centre provides inmates with an opportunity to develop valuable digital skills and prepare for release back into the community and contributes to improved rehabilitation and reintegration by enabling inmates to take responsibility for day-to-day activities and providing access to secure communication with their family and support networks,” said Patricia O’Hagan MBE, CEO of Core Systems.

“We are proud to be part of the team delivering this state-of-the-art correctional facility. The centre is impressive, incorporating considerable innovation with a focus on rehabilitation. This aligns with our vision to provide inmates with digital tools, services and skills to help them rehabilitate and achieve better outcomes in their lives,” said Patricia O’Hagan.

About Core Systems and its Pathway solution

UK based Core Systems are global experts in offender self-service solutions for use in prisons and in the community. We work with justice services in the USA, UK, Europe and Australasia providing innovative solutions offering a more personalised and effective justice experience for the offender; empowering him/her to participate fully in their rehabilitative journey and get back to being a contributing member of society.

Working in partnership with the consortium partners to provide ‘Pathway’, the next generation inmate self-service software, delivered in-cell personalised tablets and shared kiosks. Inmate digital services enables inmates to maintain relationships with their families using secure e-messaging, apply for jobs inside prison, sign up for sports activities, schedule visits as well as access a range of internal services for themselves. The solutions are all delivered in a secure way to inmates using tablets ensuring inmates do not have access the internet.

Our ‘Pathway’ software allows offenders to do things for themselves, communicate with their support network and prepares them for their new life free from crime. By doing this we are reducing the likelihood of that offender to commit another crime – this reduces the drain the justice system has on public funds whilst reducing the number of people falling victim to crime in society.

Clarence Correctional Centre, NSW, Australia