January 30, 2023

Core Systems Celebrated by Minister of Exports!

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19 January 2023

Core Systems, CEO Patricia O’Hagan celebrated at Belfast City Hall for her export achievements by MP Andrew Bowie on his first trip to Northern Ireland as the Minister of Exports.

Kickstarting 2023, Core Systems shared export experience and success at the Department for International trade networking event in Northern Ireland. Patricia O’Hagan, CEO and co-founder, one of eight first-ever Northern Ireland Export Champions was celebrated for their export achievements.

Andrew Bowie MP opened the event and was in attendance with Andrew Mitchell, Director General of Exports and UK Trade. The Northern Ireland export champion’s business and international success left both Bowie and Mitchell impressed. Core Systems also had the opportunity to provide direct feedback that informs trade policymaking.

“Huge thanks to our eight newly appointed Export Champions in Northern Ireland for all their support in making the UK an export-led economy and great to celebrate you in Belfast City Hall”

Reflections on my trip to Belfast – Andrew Bowie MP, 2023

It was a fantastic opportunity for the export champions to highlight the importance of exporting. The networking event was also an opportunity to learn more about DIT’s export support services to all Northern Ireland businesses

The export champions participated in a panel discussion to share their insights and experiences. Patricia O’Hagan provided expert advice on Core’s Systems journey and the unique challenges she faced in her journey to success. The most crucial advice offered by O’Hagan was to ‘take the risk… and reap the reward’.

Northern Ireland DIT Exports Champions with Andrew Bowie MP, Belfast City Hall, January 2023.
Northern Ireland DIT Export Champions with Andrew Bowie MP, Belfast City Hall

Core Systems appreciate the recognition of their innovative products and export journey. They are also proud of the contributions to economic growth in Northern Ireland and to be part of the conversation on how to maximise future economic success. 

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