August 9, 2022

Innovation in Young People: How To Empower

Young Enterprise is an enterprise education charity, that develops the employability, financial and entrepreneurial skills of over 90,000 young people aged 5-25 each year.  Their mission is to seek to empower young people, particularly those in social need, to develop their entrepreneurial talents and ambitions. Core Systems collaborates with Young Enterprise to drive innovation in young people. Find more information about Young Enterprise here.

During the pandemic, the charity was able to develop an online education system, YE Academy, to support digital programme delivery with our 300+ educational centres. Building on this work, the charity is creating digital resources to support schools in increasing understanding of the skills needed for the 10X Skills Economy workforce of the future.  

Ellie McGurk, UI/UX Placement Student and Eden Keatley, Apprentice Software Developer spoke to Young Enterprise about how they came to work at Core Systems NI.

“I was really interested in Art and Design, so where I went to University I studied a Foundation course. From there I decided I wanted to study Interactive Design.”

Ellie McGurk, UI/UX Placement Student at Core Systems NI – 2022

Core Systems was able to offer both Ellie and Eden placements to inspire their careers and continue to encourage their innovative attitudes. We believe innovation is so important and by providing opportunities like this will empower our future generation.

During their placement, Ellie and Eden got involved with our software and designed a user-focused interface allowing our clients accessibility. These are important skills that they can continue to develop and take with them on their future career paths.

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