June 23, 2021

‘Evolve-Founder Series & Core Systems: CEO Patricia’s inspirational journey is a story that everybody should know about

Patricia was recently interviewed by Mairead Mackle, the CEO of Evolve. In the interview, Patricia shared her story of being the founder of Core Systems. She also talks about her experience as a female leader. Evolve is a company that wants to bring awareness to all the different challenges that women face in our society. Nevertheless, this is not all they do. They have a greater vision: encouraging all women to take a step into their success and achieve their dreams. And what better example than our CEO and entrepreneur Patricia.

The success with Core Systems

With more than 20 years of experience in a leadership role, Patricia started her own company and achieved success on a global scale. Core Systems uniquely leverages technology to allow offenders to take responsibility and improve their lives. The goal is to help them become contributing members of the society they will eventually re-join. (To know more about us, click this link https://coresystems.biz/who-we-are/ )

This success did not come easy. Patricia’s journey has been a long and arduous one. Mainly, she explained the challenges to enter the US market – “it took me four years on the road to educate people and get them to accept prisoners using technology […] It was a big leap of faith for people to accept this”.

Finally, after four years of back-and-forth between Northern Ireland and the US, while trying different strategies to break through the US market, Patricia found her first partner. That was a turning point for her and Core Systems. Finally, her solid work and resilience paid off. As Mairead said – “success is not an overnight thing, but it is something that someone has to put a lot of work on”.

Another challenge Patricia faced was the male-dominated tech industry, which still to this day has not enough female working professionals. However, she managed to turn this into a strength. She explained that being a woman was unexpected for most, “people are curious about that and sometimes it opens doors”. Being a confident woman made other people naturally gravitate towards her. With confidence and intelligence, she handled people’s curiosity as an opportunity to create valuable links and get more engaged in the industry.

Personal achievements

Aside from her own business Patricia is an international speaker on Corrections Technology. She often presents at leading industry forums. She has worked with a wide range of Prison and Correctional Services Agencies around the world. Patricia was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s 2013 Royal New Year Honours list for services to the Northern Ireland Economy and her outstanding achievement to the community.

In conclusion, given the lack of leadership positions held by women in history, we are just beginning to see the positive impacts of female leaders. However, these results are very encouraging. They show that the enhancement of the potential of leadership roles in women can bring value not only to an organisation but to our society as well.

That is why Patricia, with her visionary spirit and resilience, is a spectacular example and role model. We are very proud to have her as our CEO, and we believe her success story is worth telling and will inspire many others.

If you would like to watch the full video interview on YouTube, click on the video below.