July 20, 2022

Improving Corrections: Sir Tim Purcell’s Belfast Visit

Sir Tim Purcell, our head of Australasia, who’s focus is improving correctional organisations, has taken a trip overseas to join us in the Belfast office.

“Each year I make a pilgrimage to head office. Last year was just after the borders opened but it was logistically difficult to get all the PCR tests done in the correct order and lead time to satisfy all the different authorities along the way. It wasn’t easy but it was beneficial. This trip though was without the same hassle of testing, but the masks were needed. Which is fine, because, even before Covid-19 it would be common to get ill from a flight from all the coughing and sneezing. No one really thought about it though, it was one of the ”benefits” of business travel. 

This year the trip was during European Summer, but who knew that in Belfast? I did see the sun and had the chance to wear a t-shirt but the real purpose of being here is work. 

Work is about how to improve outcomes for those in the care of the Justice and Corrections organisations around the world by utilising software tools to aid in their learning, the communicating, and their upskilling in things those of us on the outside take for granted. When you lose your privileges, it doesn’t mean you lose your humanity or your desire to better yourself. 

It’s wonderful being part of a team that focuses on providing this Pathway to returning to life outside the corrections system.”

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