September 1, 2022

Justice System Innovator wins Outstanding Woman in Tech

“I have the best job in the world. I get to have ideas about things that can change the world and through Core Systems, we work together to make them happen.”

Patricia O’Hagan, CEO of Core Systems NI – 2022

Patricia O’Hagan, CEO of Core Systems NI, Justice System Innovator, won the Outstanding Woman in Tech Award back in April 2022. This was for the Women in Business Awards which was held at the Europa Hotel in Belfast. This award is to recognise Patricia’s commitment as a mentor and role model for women in technology. Her innovative work has enabled her to be a long-term ambassador for the industry. These awards are an important part of promoting gender equality across the tech industry in Northern Ireland by recognising and highlighting the achievements of women within this field.

What is Core’s Mission for the Justice System?

For over 20 years, Core Systems has been providing interactive technology solutions for offenders in prison and on probation, helping them through their rehabilitation journey so that they can successfully re-enter society. The hard work and dedication put into this project are reflected in the team here at Core, but none of this would be possible without the leadership and passion of our CEO.

Innovative Technology Software Created by Core Systems

Core Systems are innovators of software technology, Core Pathway.

It is an offender focused platform, created to accelerate positive change in the justice system and helps improve outcomes. It is used to prepare prisoners for successful re-entry into society by giving them access to different tools.

After a successful re-entry into society has been achieved, Core Systems can then offer Pathway in the Community.

Pathway in the Community can support probationers and those on community sentence to be actively involved in their rehabilitation. The solution provides communication, access to information and rehabilitation services for people placed on probation or parole.

Core Systems also created a the Secure Digital Evidence platform.

This solution supports people in custody. I can give them access to all their evidence electronically. This helps them to review the evidence and prepare for their court case in their cell.

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