October 20, 2022

New Product for a New World!

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Core Systems is showcasing Core Pathway, a product that transforms correctional services for the post-pandemic world.

Belfast, Oct, 20, 2022: Core Systems, a software company that does things differently, is introducing its revolutionary product Core Pathway at the ICPA conference in Orlando, Florida.

The Challenges and Changes

It has been over two years since Covid-19 dramatically changed the world. In the new normal, the utilisation of technology has increased in every aspect of life. However, the criminal justice system has yet to catch up with technological advances. Core Systems has created Core Pathway to help tackle this issue.

Due to the pandemic, staff had limited flexibility in their roles. Many probation offices closed and stay-at-home orders were mandated. Prisoners were isolated further by restricted contact with their loved ones and more time in their cells. Increased isolation can have a negative impact on mental health, making a successful re-entry back into society a greater challenge. The disruption of the pandemic, especially in the criminal justice system, caused mass upheaval and highlighted the need to overcome digital restrictions.

The combination of justice reform and accelerated digital adoption arising from the pandemic has pulled us forward and has resulted in breaking down many of the barriers for technology adoption in prisons

Patricia O’Hagan, CEO, Core Systems

A Supportive Solution

Core Systems developed Core Pathway, a revolutionary solution that tackles issues staff and prisoners face in the post-pandemic world. Created to promote normalisation, Core Pathway is based on real-world experiences that can be carried over into community settings. Core Pathway is web-based and improves prisoners’ education, relationships and overall well-being. Prisoners stay connected to their support network through video calls and messaging.

For staff, Core Systems has designed Core Pathway to transform workloads by reducing paperwork and improvements in reporting. It automates manual processes while promoting positive relationships between staff and prisoners. For more information, click here.

Core’s Content Hub, a unique feature of Pathway offers opportunities for self-development. It is designed to promote self-learning through a digital library that holds over 100 days of diverse content. An inspiring feature that provides educational and recreational resources to promote self-determination and record purposeful hours.

The ICPA Conference 2022

This year’s theme, Excelling Beyond the ‘Old’ Normal: Corrections after the Global Pandemic will focus on positive paths forward, which help correctional services thrive in the post-pandemic world.

Representing Core Systems at the ICPA conference will be Patricia O’ Hagan, CEO, and Sir Tim Purcell, Head of Australasia. Patricia O’Hagan will present Community Correction Service Transformation Supported by Digital Technology During the Pandemic and will participate in Digital Transformations in Prisons panel.

Patricia and Tim will be available for further discussions at the conference: