August 2, 2021

User-centric service delivery. Core systems is looking to the future, and building a personalised experience for people going through the Justice system

Since its formation, Core systems has helped make life better for people in prison by giving them access to information, digital services, and staying connected with friends and family.

“Now we want to go to the next level and help solve the sector’s most compelling challenge – breaking the cycle of reoffending”. Said the CEO, Patricia O’Hagan.

Reoffending is the number one problem that needs to be resolved, and it has been like this for many years now. Things must be done differently. To support effective rehabilitation, Core Systems wants to take a different approach.

“We believe in understanding people’s personal journey. We want to pay attention to them and their individual needs. And this is possible through collection of data and the analysis of the different interactions they have with our product. We want to understand what works for each individual and do more of that instead of delivering the same service to everyone.”

“Over the last 18 months, the justice sector has changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Particularly in the technology area, there has been a significant acceleration in digital adoption. The global pandemic has increased the level of innovation and challenge in our industry to do things differently.” said Patricia.

Our product will be a personalised experience for offenders

Standard practice in prison has been that people are treated the same and assumes they have been through a similar experience regardless of their individual stories and needs. This general approach can be an obstacle to successful rehabilitation. At the same time, through technology, we can enable a personalised experience for prisoners and probationers.

Here Core Systems can make a difference, “we can give them a personalised experience through collection of data and gathering information about them. For example, we can learn what they access and use the most to provide what is most relevant to them. “

There are many reasons Core Systems arrived at this point “mostly we need to help people to stay out of prison, but each of their journeys is different and therefore what they need to support them has to be individualised as well”.

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