What We Do

Core Systems is a software company specializing in interactive offender technology solutions. Our solutions assist offenders in custody, on probation and serving community sentences to take an active role in transitioning back into the community successfully.

How do we help offenders and staff in prisons?

Up to 60% of a Prison Officer’s time at work is taken up dealing with information requests from prisoners and helping them with paper-based administration. Significant efficiency savings can be made on the delivery of prisoner services by using technology. It’s time for our prisons to move from bureaucratic, paper-based systems towards integrated digital services that encourage a new kind of interaction with prisoners, empowering them to become more actively involved in their rehabilitation and develop life skills for use upon return to their community.


How do we help a probationer in community?

Most of a probation officer’s time is tied up in routine supervision meetings and completing paperwork. This doesn’t offer much scope to provide extra support to offenders when they need it most. Significant improvements can be made to the delivery of probation services by using technology. It is time to exploit everyday technology in our support of offenders in the community; and use these technologies to bring the service closer to the service user, minimize breaches and help people get back on track with their lives.