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Core’s Content Hub

Core’s Content Hub is a free-to-use self-guided platform to help those in the criminal justice system re-discover the enjoyment of learning.
Users can access Core’s Content Hub through a secure network and spend purposeful hours browsing and interacting with content best suited to their individual needs.

Core’s Content Hub provides over 100 days of resources.





Core’s Content Hub provides purposeful hours for browsing and interacting with content best suited to individual needs.

With over 100 days of resources, Core’s Content Hub is filled with accessible materials that provide opportunities to develop real-world skills. It is user-focused and provides inclusivity with its high accessibility standards and caters to various learning styles. The user can navigate through the content easily with a similar
experience to the most commonly used digital libraries.

Core’s Content Hub allows users to select their own method of learning that best fits their interests, preferences and values.

Educational and wellness content helps to gain the necessary life skills for successful rehabilitation. With a range of topics to choose from, these materials hope to inspire the pleasure of learning with the discovery of new interests. Core’s Content Hub motivates personal development with reliable materials from
trustworthy sources.


Core’s Content Hub provides 60 hours of podcasts, that focus on wellness, education and connectivity. With lived experience-related
podcasts, this library can provide a sense of worth and relatability. They provide comfort by enabling the user to listen to other voices reducing isolation and boredom. Users can browse through a vast collection of motivational and educational podcasts that can be
informative and stimulating.


Videos provide a visual aid that is inclusive of all literacy levels. Users can select over 10 hours of video content ranging from tutorials on exercise and fitness to employability tips. Visual aids assist with reading difficulties and users have the opportunity to learn interactively through instruction-led videos.


With over 50 hours of content, users have a vast number of courses to explore. The courses on Core’s Content Hub range from basic skill-building to personal interests.
The courses have interactive activities for heightened engagement and a variety of topics available to help users re-discover the enjoyment of learning. All courses provided have been tailored to increase the chances of a successful outcome.


The digital library is available 24/7 and holds an extensive selection with over 750 hours of fiction, non-fiction and foreign language eBooks. It provides a reprieve from boredom and offers escapism. Users can be transported into an imaginative world that offers solace from their surroundings.

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