What We Do

Pathway in the Community

Pathway in the Community is a probationer focused platform, created to accelerate positive change in the justice system and improve outcomes.

Pathway in the Community is a secure web portal providing information, support and rehabilitation services.

Pathway in the Community assists probationers and those on community sentence to be actively involved in their rehabilitation. The solution provides communication, access to information and rehabilitation services for people placed on probation or parole. Delivered as a web service, it can be operated on kiosks or PCs located in probation offices or through a secure online portal accessible from mobile devices, allowing users to gain remote access.

Pathway in the Community connects probationers with their probation officers.

Our software has an intelligent dashboard that collates valuable information about probationers and allows probation officers to stay connected and to see at a glance probationer details.


Communications lets probationers and probation officers stay in touch securely via video calls or messages. Text messages and notifications are sent directly to probationers, which can be a useful reminder of appointments and meetings.
Overall, virtual visits reduce travel time and improve attendance.

Check In & Self-Reporting

Check-in and Self-reporting can verify probationers’ attendance at events crucial to completing their probation. This can allow probation officers with low and medium risk probationers to easily fulfil their probation orders.


Probationers can easily view important information about their court order and other documents all in one digital place.
This helps them to keep up to date with any changes.


Calendar allow probationers to organise their duties; create and view meetings and appointments to avoid missing planned tasks and activities. They can also share appointment details with probation officers.

Admin and Case Manager tools

Case Management tools help accelerate operations, reduce paperwork time, and increase time supporting probationers.


Probationers and probation officers can access information and materials to support the completion of elected or ordered programs.

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