What We Do

Core Pathway

Core Pathway is an offender focused platform, created to accelerate positive change in the justice system and improve outcomes.

In prison

Supporting prisoners to use their time in cell productively and stay in contact with their family and friends. Also enabling prison staff to manage their daily activities efficiently.

Through the gate

Preparing prisoners for successful re-entry into society by giving them access to different tools.

In the community

Helping probationers navigate into their everyday life and duties and keep them connected with probationer officers.

Core Pathway is a collection of flexible personalised apps and programs that can be configured to meet the needs of the individual

Organisation skills

It provides planning and organisational tools to support active re-entry.


It enables offenders and staff to send and receive on average 18 million messages per year for current users.


It provides access to eBooks, qualifications and courses for higher education.


Register for health services, health visits and consultations via video communications.


Prisoners can use video, radio, music, podcasts and websites to access various self-care services.

Entertainment &
Productivity Suite

Restricted internet access means it is possible for prisoners to securely connect to external digital services.

Our approach is to deliver User-Centric Services throughout Core Pathway.
It enables us to focus on human beings and deliver support that is tailored to their individual needs.

Core Pathway users are at the centre of our solution.

Prisoners & Probationers

Access to technology enables prisoners to use cell time productively, plan, learn and develop skills to support successful re-entry. Probationers can also use Core Pathway outside the prison to help with their probation activities.

Prison Staff
& Mentors

Helping staff replace prison paperwork and automating manual processes. Staff can also control and monitor activities and complete requests for offenders.

& Families

Family and friends can send secure messages to offenders in prison. Core Pathway allows video visitation and audio calls to support families relationships.

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