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Secure Digital Evidence

Secure Digital Evidence is an efficient and secure solution enabling people in custody to have access to their evidence digitally using a locked-down laptop.

Secure Digital Evidence supports people in custody with their court cases by providing their evidence digitally.

Core Systems Secure Digital Evidence solution supports people in custody by giving them access to all their evidence electronically. This helps them to review the evidence and prepare for their court case in their cell. During the period they have access to the laptop, additional evidence can be loaded for review, keeping people in custody up to date with the latest release of evidence.

Our solution offers correctional services a more efficient and secure way to distribute digital evidence to people in custody.

Secure Digital Evidence delivers an efficient solution supporting correctional services to make available electronic evidence to people in custody. The solution enables the transfer of digital evidence from a central repository to a secure personal device for people in custody to access their evidence offline.

In-Cell Solution

People in custody can view their evidence using a secure laptop confidentially, with unlimited access.

Digital Evidence

A wide range of digital file formats is supported using our Secure Digital Evidence solution. This will save staff time and gives the people in custody time to prepare for their court case.

Locked Down Device

The Core Secure Digital Evidence solution is available on a secure locked-down laptop that is disconnected from the digital world. The device stops people in custody from breaking out of the application and prevents tampering with the evidence.

Easy to Use

Secure Digital Evidence is easy to use with minimal training required for staff and people in custody. The solution is inclusive of all IT skill levels.

Data Security

Data security is achieved as people in custody will only be able to view the digital evidence relating to their court case. The evidence cannot be altered.


The solution offers transparency through a full audit trail of usage. Comprehensive reports are provided for staff to view.

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