Who We Are

Core Systems is a software company specializing in interactive offender technology solutions. Our solutions assist offenders in custody, on probation and serving community sentences to take an active role in transitioning back into the community successfully.

Core Systems is a different kind of technology company.

We are deeply committed and passionate about driving the change that is needed to break the cycle of crime and recidivism.

We know that some of the risk factors that lead people to commit crime can be changed through offender self-responsibility by criminal justice interventions and programs.

Core Systems believes in the mission of re-entry and that our technology plays a vital role in helping the criminal justice community achieve their goals. We believe our technology provides offenders with meaningful opportunities to change their behavior and transform into contributing members of society.


Core Systems recognizes that every criminal justice system and every offender is unique.

Our technology must be flexible in order to provide solutions that support their individual needs. We pride ourselves on our strong reputation for thought leadership and innovation in delivering criminal justice solutions in the UK, the US, and across the world.

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