Work For Us

Core Systems is a software company specializing in interactive offender technology solutions. Our solutions are used by offenders in custody and on probation. They are designed to support offenders to break the cycle of re-offending by becoming actively involved in their rehabilitation. Click here to hear more about what we do.

Like our solutions, our people are innovative, creative and forward-thinking. At Core Systems we have a strong team of skilled and highly motivated professionals. Click here to meet some of the team.

Each member of our team plays a vital role in achieving our vision of being the world leading provider of offender-facing technology. Click here to see how we are achieving this vision.

We have a strong culture of giving back to our community. We work with local initiatives such as Generation Innovation and Bring IT On to encourage young people to consider a career in IT. We created a video with Bring IT On about what it’s like to work in an IT company like ours. Click here If you would like to watch the video, discover more about our company, and get insight into our team.

Each year we select a charity and organize fundraising events to support them. This year we are supporting the Welcome Organisation. Click here to learn more about how we give back to our community.